Body & Facial Electrical’s Using Ultrasound Fat Cavitation

Booking: Please contact us to book
Duration: 2 Days
Cost: £300.00 per day or with kit £1,250
Entry requirement: Level 3 beauty or above for ABT insurance
Includes: Machine

The CMBTA Ultrasound Course offers training and equipment, and successful completion of the course will result in immediate accreditation as a certified ultrasound therapist.

The course agenda will cover:

The application of ultrasound as a therapeutic treatment; Hands-on use of the ultrasound equipment in a workshop environment; in-depth use of the cavitation, vacuum suction and radio frequency devices for the provision of fat loss and facial therapies.

This is a 3 DAY COURSE with pre-course reading materials accounting for ‘day one’ of the course. This will enable the student to adequately prepare for the ultrasound workshop whilst minimising time away from workplace. The pre-course materials will encompass elements of the ultrasound training that will not be covered, but which will be validated in the certification test.

INVESTMENT FOR THIS COURSE IS £1,250 (inclusive of machine)

Benefits of CMBTA Ultrasound Training:

  • Certified qualification
  • Training provided by qualified ultrasound technician
  • Provision of a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine for fat loss and facial therapies
  • Health and safety advice provided
  • Awareness of contraindication conditions
  • In-depth, hands-on training in cavitation, vacuum suction and radio frequency therapies
  • Provision of therapy templates

The Cindy Mackenzie Training Academy presents a 2 day practical course in ultrasound techniques that certifies students in the application of ultrasound for weight management and facial therapy.