Facial Waxing Course

Duration: 1/2 Day Intensive
Hours: 6.00pm – 9.00pm




Entry requirement: None
Qualification: Facial Waxing Diploma
Includes: Waxing Kit
What to bring: Model required

Waxing is an excellent addition to any treatment menu and provides repeat business as it is an essential maintenance option for many clients. Focusing on facial areas (chin, upper lip, nape of neck) the Facial Waxing Course meets The Associated Beauty Therapists Standards and covers the various types of hair removal, anatomy and physiology, skin disorders and diseases, contra-actions and contra-indications, reception, consultation, ventilation, technique, and after-care.

You will receive your manual by email. Please study it and answer your exam question before you come to the Academy. All related Anatomy and Physiology is covered in this manual so there is no need for previous experience. This is the highest short course accreditation you can have. All course work is done before you arrive so the full day can be spent on your practical assessment. Should you have any questions please phone any time.

This course can be covered by the Associated Beauty Therapists (ABT) insurance policy. Insurance conditions and warranties may apply.

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