Microblading Course

Duration:                        4 Day Intensive course

Hours:                             9:00am to 5:30pm (approx) each day

Cost:                                £1999

Deposit:                          £500

Entry requirement:       You must have completed your Basic Lash & Brow Course precision brows or any HD Brow course.

Qualification:                   unique Microblading accredited by ABT

Includes:                           Microblading Starter Kit

4 Day intense course for Microblading £1999

Pre Course manual issued once payment is made
Lesson Plan for 4 – Day Unique Micoblading Course. the reason we are called Unique Microblading is because we have developed our own technique which, makes it easier for the students to learn. This course includes colour correction and Top Ups for Clients.

Day 1 Course Introduction and Client Consultation’s
Introduction and Welcome
  • CMBTA offers many targeted courses to beauty professionals & Technicians. Our Microblading course is our newest and most relevant as this key therapy evolves and grows in popularity.

By the end of this Day 1, Students will be able to:

  • Understand the background to Microblading 

  • Understand the procedure

Know how to prepare a therapy room to administer Microblading treatments 

  • Appreciate the need for cleanliness and smart appearance 

  • Be able to name the Health and Safety precautions of administering Microblading 

  • Be aware of the contraindications associated with the treatment. 

  • Understand their legal obligations in terms of Data Protection, Privacy and 

  • Understand the need for a “client focused” delivery of treatments

  • Be able to demonstrate use of all documentation used in therapy delivery
  • Understand and demonstrate practical application of Microblading Techniques  

  • Demonstrate the set up, cleaning and maintenance of all tools and equipment.
  • Client Consultation, Eyebrow Assessment & Brow Mapping

Be able to name SMART goals which is:
 Measurable Achievable Realistic
Time bound

1-00-2-00 Lunch, which will be provided

From 2.00-5.00: The students will learn how to complete full consultations and assessments of their client’s eyebrows, choose the colours of pigments and how to preform correct brow mapping.

Day 2 Unique Microblading

9.30-10.00 Coffees
Watch a short Training Video
The Trainer will then teach the students how to assess and map out the brows
Trainer will demonstrate to the students the Microblading Technique.
The students will practice cutting into practice mats.
1-2 Lunch
2-4.00 Students will practice on 1 client with trainers assisting
4-00-4-30 Any questions

Day 3 Unique Microblading

9.00-9.30 Coffees
9.30-1.00 Students will work on clients for their case studies
1-00-2-00 Lunch Break
2-00-3-00 A summery of the 3 days going over anything needed and any questions
3-00 4-00 Sit there written exam
4.00-5-00 Students take a break while exams are marked and then final results given.

Day 4 Unique Microblading (takes place 1 month later)

9.00-9.30 Coffees
9.30-1.30 Colour Correction

1.30 -2.30 Lunch

2.30-5-30 Correct procedure for top ups using colour correction
5.30-6.00 Graduation

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