Fat Freezing Course

Duration: 1 Day Intensive
Hours: 10am to 4 (approx)




Entry requirement: Level 3 Beauty
Qualification: Fat Freezing Diploma
Included: Fat Freezing Machine
What to bring: Model required

Course Content :-

Cryolipolysis or Body Sculpting, Fat Freezing is a treatment process which allows us to remove stubborn pockets of fat from the body.

There is a vast amount of areas that can be treated with this treatment, including the abdomen, bingo wings, chest and thighs. Any areas where fat build up has become an issue can be treated with our revolutionary Cryolipolysis treatment.

This treatment is often used as an alternative for Liposuction for its very similar capabilities but with some incredible benefits. No downtime is required and we advise clients that they are able to return to work and their general lifestyle immediately.

You can also treat areas of the face unlike other fat removal treatments such as fat dissolving injections as areas such as the chin and neck can be treated.

This treatment is not painful however your clients may feel some mild discomfort depending on what area they are having treated; this is due to the initial suction stage of the treatment were the pockets are fat are sucked into the specialised vacuum. Typically, this mild discomfort only lasts seconds and then the body will start to adjust to the pressure.

You will receive your manual by email please study it and answer your exam question before you come to the Academy. All related Anatomy and Physiology is covered in this manual so there is no need for previous experience.  This is the highest short course accreditation you can have. All course work is done before you arrive. Should you have any questions, please phone the student line at anytime.   This course is covered by the Associated Beauty Therapy’s (ABT) insurance policy. Insurance conditions and warranties may apply.

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